Hello Kangaroo!

Hello Kangaroo!
Feb. 9, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

This is one large university!

ORIENTATION WEEK, otherwise known as "O Week" has started and finished.

Here's a quick update:
I have been privileged to meet so many people. There is not even time to introduce you to all of them. They are from all walks of life and studying in several different faculties.

(Just for fun, there are 343 Americans at the Uni of Queensland!)

Imagine with me, if you please, you are in front of 3,200+ international students at a major university. For fun, let's say it's the University of Queensland. And you're asked to answer one trivia question. What for? Free movie tickets (X2) and a free pizza.

Question: Who is the prime minister of Australia?

Nervous, yet? So was I!

Answer: Kevin Rudd, I got it right! Movies, here I come!!!

One day this week, my train was not running from Toowong because of a car accident. It had been suspended "indefinitely". So, I walked to the city. Here are some pictures of downtown Brisbane:

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